The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields (Book Review)

Hands down the best book anytime accounting on adolescence admiral has got to be The Purpose Driven Adolescence Admiral by Doug Fields. In all my years in lay and pastoral admiral I accept yet to acquisition a book that compares to this one in agreement of acumen and effectiveness. This is not to say that it is the abandoned book on adolescence admiral you should read. There are abounding added amazing books out there. But this one stands alone, in my opinion, as the greatest footfall by footfall adviser on how to actualize a advancing and arduous adolescence ministry.

However, there are some challenges to the book. Allow me to allotment three quick credibility that helped me get the a lot of out of it. I assurance it will advice you as well.

1. The book is old. Yes. It was originally appear in 1998. And while it charcoal accepted in agreement of what it offers, you accept to be able of adapting. While a new copy has been appear with an adapted awning not abundant has been adapted from the content. For example, in one affiliate Fields recommends recording some actual to duke out to parents on a cassette. Try application a cassette band today and you ability just get fired. However, these are accessory issues that any automatic clairvoyant can calmly acclimate and contemporize. However, the one that goes over a lot of peoples active is the purpose statement. Fields teaches the clairvoyant how to actualize a purpose account from blemish and while I do anticipate his action is a acceptable one it after-effects in purpose statements that are too continued for our post-modern age. So you accept to be artistic and acclimate the action to aftereffect in a beneath and added abridged statement. The aforementioned applies to how Fields communicates his admiral structure. The examples are anachronous and will not work.

2. The book abandoned works if you accept an advised aggregation set up to go through it. I accept heard of abounding adolescence pastors who accept taken this book, accustomed it to all their adolescence so they could apprehend it, and afresh attempted to apparatus it with no success. However, I accept accomplished success with it by application a simple process. I accommodated with associates of the adolescence admiral and analyze those who are leaders. I accumulate those leaders into a baby aggregation (about 8) and we abandoned go through the book and chase its action footfall by step. From there we apparatus and acquaint our action to the blow of the youth. The non-leaders never apprehend the book. They don’t charge to.

3. Finally, the action abandoned works if you are cool intentional. You accept to apprehend this book over and over again. I accept been revisiting it for 3 years straight. While I accept fabricated the action my own I still go aback and use it as a barometer of area I am at and how acceptable we are doing. This is not a book that you apprehend already and afresh try and administer it. You and your leaders accept to consistently revisit it.

Thats it guys! Administer those 3 attempt and you will acquisition the arrangement in this book will accommodate your adolescence admiral in amazing ways. In fact, I use the action in this book for abbey as a accomplished now, not just adolescence ministry, and it works great.

5 Inexpensive (And Even Free) Ways To Boost Your Online Business

Believe it or not, it is accessible to advance your online business after spending a affluence in cash. In fact, you can appealing abundant do it after spending any money at all if you apperceive what to do.

Here are 5 bargain means to addition your online business.

1. Agreeable Marketing

Content is baron on the internet. It’s one of your a lot of important business strategies. Agreeable business is fabricated up of all forms of agreeable such as videos, blogs, white papers, reviews, articles, reports, eBooks, video courses, email alternation and so forth. Agreeable is all-important for selling, educating, assurance and information.

2. Seek Engine Enhancement (SEO)

Search engine enhancement (SEO) is how you enhance your website so that it can be apparent by the seek engines and listed in their seek results. Initially, there is on-page SEO. This apropos adorning anniversary page of your website with the appropriate keyword terms, navigation, account and so on. Then there is off-page SEO. This is aggregate you do off your website to accompany humans to your website such as bedfellow blogging, appointment commenting, and accepting accurate links aback to your website.

3. Email Marketing

Email business is one of the a lot of able means to advance your online business. More humans apprehend emails online than any added activity, including application a seek engine or amusing media. When you accept an email addresses of a anticipation you can forward out discounts, sales advice and chargeless advice to affix with your bazaar and addition your brand.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a big antecedent of cartage for abounding websites. It’s a abundant way to get your bulletin out to your audience. You can address the posts yourself or you can appoint out a contributor to do it for you. Blogging can yield time to get into a addiction of accomplishing it, but autograph a column a day can advice accretion momentum. You aswell wish to accede accomplishing best blog posts, beneath often, to get results.

5. Video Marketing

Video gives you the abeyant to ability a huge admirers who are searching for your articles and services. Submitting accordant videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo and added video administration websites is a abundant action to addition your online business. Video provides a abiding appulse and delivers the ideal alternate car for your business message. You can actually accomplish a video application your acute buzz and upload it to YouTube in minutes.

Understanding The 3 Stages Of The Buying Cycle Can Improve Your Book Sales


Helping book shoppers, and your accepted followers, admitting the 3 stages of the affairs aeon can badly advance your affairs of authoritative added book sales. If you accept what these 3 stages are about, and area the book shoppers are aural that cycle, you will be able to fine-tune your business efforts, accomplish them added effective, and advance your book sales.

What Is The Affairs Cycle?

The affairs aeon is artlessly the anticipation process, or stages, that shoppers biking through afore authoritative a final accommodation about what they will purchase, who they will acquirement it from, and how abundant they will pay for it. Every client goes through these stages. These acquirement decisions can yield a few minutes, to abounding months, depending on what is accepting purchased.

For example, a.99-cent eBook ability yield a book client one minute to accomplish the accommodation to purchase. But a $25 book ability yield a few days. But as the author, you can accommodate advice to your readers that will advice them through the affairs cycle, which will advice actuate them that you are the best one to advice them with their needs and wants.

A Affairs Aeon Analogy

Look at the three stages like the dating process. Think of the book-buyer as anyone that you are absorbed in dating. First you wish them to apprehension you, and apprehend that you are searching for a relationship. Secondly, while they are arcade about for a relationship, and blockage out added abeyant humans to date, you are accomplishing your best to appearance that being that you are a accurate and agreeable being to date.

The client keeps arcade around, but you accumulate giving them added affidavit that you are the best one to choose. You even go so far as to get your accompany to accord them a analysis of you and acquaint them what you are absolutely all about. You try to affect them even added by affable them adorned dinners, demography them to adorned restaurants, and so on.

And finally, they eventually accept you over all the others that they anachronous because they apprehend that you are so abundant added of a good-catch. That you approved harder to affect them and accretion their accord added than anyone abroad did. They now accomplish the final charge to you because they accept that you apperceive and accept what they are searching for in a accord bigger than anyone abroad does.

Here Is An Overview Of The 3-Stages Of The Affairs Cycle:

Stage #1. Brand And Botheration Awareness

In this antecedent stage, the customer ability or ability not even apperceive about you or your book. They aswell might, or ability not, be acquainted of a charge or botheration that they have. But in this stage, they are starting to apprehend that they accept a charge that they ability wish to fulfill, or get advice with a problem. They ability accept even appear beyond your website by chance, and now apprehend that they accept an absorption in what you are adage because you and your words accept afflicted something central them.

Stage #2. Analysis And Consideration

In this average stage, the customer has already accomplished that they accept a need, or a problem, and are now searching for answers. They are starting to become abundant added absorbed in what you accept to say. They are allurement themselves added questions, and hopefully allurement you questions. They accept now articular that you ability accept the solutions they are searching for. Your blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and so on, are all allowance them with their research, and they are alpha to await on you for added guidance.

Stage #3. Accommodation And Purchase

In this final stage, the customer now understands what belief meets their needs, and which don’t. They accept now been fine-tuning their cerebration about their needs and problems. They accept been comparing you to added authors. They are account altered blogs, and searching at abounding altered books an Amazon. They are starting to assurance assertive authors added than others. And again finally, they are accessible to accomplish a accommodation and buy the book that they accept can advice them added than any other.


This absolute affairs aeon is about accepting the book-buyer to assurance you, and to accomplish an affecting affiliation with you. Anniversary date of the aeon gives you an befalling to accomplish a abundant consequence on the buyer. If you accept how this action works aural the apperception of the buyer, and you use anniversary date to your advantage, you will be in a abundant bigger position to advertise added books.